Ms. Limor Margulis is a partner and director of Business development and strategy @Portfolio online magazine.

Limor is an expert in content development, curation of art exhibitions and culture events.

She has creative thinking, loves research processes and new challenges. She developed number

of municipal platforms for cultural- artistic activities, such as: Street Gallery in Old Jaffa, Pop Up Museum

in Tel Aviv Port, residency programs for artists and creators.

In the past, for seven years, she was the chief curator at the Jaffa Museum and signed on international and

local exhibitions.

She's senior consultant to municipalities, government companies for art and culture development.

Limor defines herself as a new-era curator and content expert, challenging common perceptions and redefining her own rules. she writes: "I consider it to be a distinct expression of maintaining the freedom  of operation, creation and thought, which enables me to think, invent and create in original ways.

My development and curating processes might be defined as creating a type of 'ready-made' art work with a daring edge.

I like unexpected connections and juxtapositions, sometimes between complete opposites, that enable me to summon the viewer to a new emotional-artistic-cultural experience".

In the past, she was a VP of Marketing at Tel Aviv Radio 102fm, signed on strategic content developments in collaboration with leading media organizations, such as: Reshet Tv, YNET, Hot and more.

Limor believes in social involvement and works to raise resources for non profit organizations such as:

WIZO Israel, Vareity Israel, rmcfriends